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I am so ready for spring

I might as well try to stuff it in my car. It will be couple more months of winter weather for me on the other side of the screen. Maybe I'll get some signs of real spring coming somewhere mid-April, and it is still February. Valentine's day is coming and although I am not into dating in SL myself it is still exciting - we have grand gala coming in the ballroom , few hunts are going in my store (it is nice to see people popping in and looking for hunt items hidden around) ad the grid is full of hearts and roses. It feels like spring. That's the great advantage of having a virtual world to escape in for a few hours when I feel like it. Possibilities here limited only by imagination... and, well, time. And even though it isn't "real" it feels like it. It feels good to go surfing on virtual beach in the middle of winter, or stuff a car full of flowers. Feels nice to decorate mine and sister's houses with them. She might smile and I might smile as well, a

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