It will take some magic to stretch out time


This one might look serene, but trust me, it has been taken in a hurry. Even leaving aside the fact that RL is going out of deep hibernation after holidays, my SL has been crazy busy. My sister Sweetkiwi recently said that we are making a trail of hay to the ballroom and to my delight it rings true.

It is interesting to watch a ballroom grow from the point zero, from the day I've heard "Oh, I'm going to that new place opening party" and through 7 weeks till now. It's called Love & Harmony and I love it there.

I am getting used to hosting. Was thrown into it as a newborn kitten into a sea, but hey, I learned swimming! And it is fun. For an introvert like me it is almost lifesaving as well - I do enjoy being sociable from time to time and feel lonely if I don't. Buuuut it takes some external force to get me out of my lair. My SL family does that to me from time to time, but we all are grownups and should not babysit each other.

So it is good, and fun, and exciting.

As well as our other little project which is building a farm. I really should make some pictures of it to tell the story, but for now just saying that I have been building and landscaping and decorating and tending horses would be enough. Add blogging on top of it, poking my store with a stick to see if it is alive and keeping up with old friends - and there you have it, a trail of hay going right into the ballroom.

Good thing most gowns are long enough to hide rain boots underneath.

Mesh head - GENUS Project Strong Face
Mesh body - Maitreya Lara
Skin applier - PUMEC System Skin from Zara GG - BOM
Skin details - Izzie's Face Wrinkles, Eyebags - BOM
Hair - TRUTH Eternity - VIP GG
Hairbase - JUMO browns 8 - BOM
Eyes - The Face Cake palette (for Genus)
Eyelashes - Cosmetize Santa Monica Lash Collection
Blush - theSkinnery Minimal winter blush - BOM
Scar on a cheek - Plague of Fashion Cheek Scratch - BOM, tintable, FREE on Marketplace
Lips - The Face Simple palette (for Genus)
Eyeshadows - The Face Wave palette (for Genus)
Nails - CAZIMI Foliage nails
Bindi - ELEMENTAL LUNA Head Jewel for The Underdog Event
Earrings - Swallow Deco Earrings - GG
Hand jewelry - AURORA Karolina Hand Jewelry
Necklaces - Supernatural Karina
Dress - Seniha Hope
Lace body and gloves - B.D.R. In The Dark set - BOM, on sale
Fur sole - Luas Micaela lingerie set

The Face is running giveaway for lipstick I am wearing on their Facebook, so be sure to check it out!

Picture taken in a random sandbox in the middle of nowhere.